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We are pleased to announce Sierra Nevada Poultry is offering private USDA-inspected processing for chickens and turkeys starting April 12, 2021.

At this time we only process broiler chickens (meat breed birds) and turkeys; please inquire about processing roosters or old laying hens. At this time we CANNOT processes gamefowl or waterfowl.


We require scheduling for all birds to be processed. With a minimum of 250 chickens and 75 Turkeys per day for processing. If you have a smaller batch of birds we will happily put you on the schedule with other smaller batches of birds until the minimum is met. This will mean you will have to be flexible with your dates so we can accommodate as many people as we can. Please provide us with ample notice if you are not able to keep an appointment. We keep our hours of operation based on our processing numbers. If you schedule for 250 birds, we’re planning for 250 birds. If you are scheduled for 50 birds and are scheduled with other producers, they may be affected by your cancellation.  We understand there needs to be room for mortality so we can take 5 under or over the number scheduled for. Any less and you will be charged for the number you are scheduled for unless discussed prior. To schedule dates please email: Please include number of birds, type of birds, date requested, and name. We will confirm your appointment via return email.


Birds must be dropped off at your scheduled time on the day of processing to 519 Broadway Sacramento, CA. Those who are late will incur a $100/hour late fee (this covers our labor costs while we wait for you.) This is in addition to any inspector overtime fees which are incurred due to tardiness. Please fast birds 18 hours prior to slaughter (water is okay). All birds must be in clean, stackable poultry crates. The inspector can reject birds not crated appropriately or if the crates are not clean. Birds must be packed 9 to a crate maximum. When transporting your birds, please take into account the weather, allow plenty of ventilation, and protect from excessive wind while driving. If you have any questions regarding USDA crating requirements please check the USDA website. We will do all processing and packaging upon request. Whole birds can be shrink bagged for $.50/bird and parts will be vacuum-sealed (pricing below). We save necks, heart, livers, and feet and can return them to you in separate bags for $.50/bird. If more than half of the feet have manure blisters we will not save them. (Clean bedding in housing and moving the birds to fresh pasture daily will keep the feet clean.) Upon drop off ensure you also have labeled ice chests to load your processed birds into. We have a processing intake form that must be completed and filled out 24 hours prior to processing and sent to This must be filled out and signed before we can process. It will be sent to you via email at least 48 hours prior to processing. Air Chilled services will be available upon request, please contact us for more information and pricing.

Returning the birds:

All whole birds will be ready by end of the same day for pick up. Parted birds will require at least 24 hours for us to have them back to you. We will give you a pick up time window for you to collect your product. If you are late, you will be charged $20/hr for an employee to wait for you. If you are unable to pick up your birds there will be a storage fee added to your bill.


Whole birds can be shrink wrapped for a fee of $.50/bird. We do not provide labels. If you would like to provide an individualized label for us to put on your birds with your farm name, please leave it at drop off and let our staff know. Make sure labels do not make ANY product claims (i.e. pastured poultry, free-range, etc.) without having the necessary approval from the USDA prior to slaughter. This process can take several weeks to complete. If a label makes such claims and you cannot provide the USDA approval for said label we will be unable to label it for you.


We are offering limited parting services this season. The cost is $4.00/bird with a minimum of 50 birds to be parted. You MUST pre-schedule for birds to be parted, if not we will NOT part for you. Parts include boneless/skinless breasts (tender on), bone-in thighs, wings, drumsticks. If you want specialty parts i.e. boneless thighs and “party” wings it’s $.50/bird. All parts will be bagged in 2-2.5lb packages. If you want them packaged differently you will be charged for the additional packaging required. Please contact us with any questions about parting.


We will offer limited availability for processing turkeys in November. There is a 10 turkey minimum and pricing is $1/lb with a $14 minimum. Any turkey over 20lbs will be an additional $1/lb. Please contact us with any questions about turkey processing. We can also offer shrink wrap on the turkey for $1/turkey.

More information:

We love being able to serve our community and offer these services. We do our best to accommodate our customers, so if you have any questions or concerns please contact us at *Please note any information or prices may be subject to change without notice.

Notice to poultry owners:

Watch out for any signs of illness related to Avian Influenza such as: Nasal Discharge Difficulty Breathing Lethargy Discolored wattles or combs Sudden death If you notice any of these symptoms in your flock prior to your slaughter date we ask you DO NOT bring your birds. Please report sick birds to the CDFA at (916)654-0462 or the USDA’s toll free number at 1-866-536-7593. Transporting any birds with these symptoms would be devastating to not only our operation but to the many producers that come to our facility. Your flock will be checked upon arrival by the poultry manager and the USDA inspector if there are any signs of illness related to Avian Influenza your birds will be rejected.




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