Sierra Nevada Poultry



Sierra Nevada Poultry, LLC is your one stop shop to ensure you’re getting the cleanest poultry products in the industry. As a family-run company, we really want to make sure we can give your family what our family wants, which is affordable, clean, and healthy options for local poultry. We work closely with our hatchery to ensure we receive the healthiest, happiest birds we can. They are delivered to us overnight just after hatching. This ensures they don’t have a long transit time, minimizing the stress on the chicken.

The chicks are then raised by us! They are fed the highest quality feed we can provide, in fact we spent weeks just finding the right feed we wanted to feed our birds. We NEVER feed with any GMOs or altered feeds in any way.




They NEVER receive antibiotics; they are not artificially bulked up in any way. These birds are raised the way they were meant to be raised, naturally. We believe a happy bird gives us the best end product, so we do our best to have a happy bird.

Our Pastured birds are raised outside in chicken tractors, to ensure predators don’t get them, with fresh air and sunlight! They get to eat fresh bugs from the earth, being moved regularly to ensure they have fresh bugs to choose from. Once they reach an optimal size, they are then humanely slaughtered and processed by us at our USDA processing facility. By doing this ourselves we ensure that all our hard work to raise them isn’t being ruined by pumping the bird with chemicals or preservatives at processing, we are also able to ensure that the facility meets our high expectations because WE set those expectations. 

Our Free Range Natural bird is raised in a barn, with access to sunlight and fresh air, they are free range, never caged and have plenty of space to move around! We wanted to provide this option to people who may not be able to afford the pastured bird while still ensuring our quality and taste you’re used to from Sierra Nevada Poultry. 

We also work with other farmers in the area and process the birds they raise as well. We love being able to work with our community and serve our neighbors. There isn’t currently another USDA poultry processing facility in the area, and we are proud to be able to fill this void. It is important for us to sponsor a sense of community. We are well aware that it takes a village of people, so to say, to support us and we want to show our support for others as well.



We at Sierra Nevada Poultry are a family company. Juan Rico, our President, and his wife, Emilee Rico, treat the company as their 4th baby as they have 3 boys. We have the same passion for delivering the best poultry we can to the market as we do to raising our 3 boys. This desire started when our President, Juan Rico, was working in the Chemical and Food Safety Industry and went into some of the largest poultry producer plants in the country. He was not impressed by their procedures or their products and vowed to someday do it better. Today is that day! We have spent years understanding the industry and learning where we can do it better. 

Our family has always been a driving factor for us. We want to ensure we are feeding our children the best food options we can. With this being said we started researching the food industry even more.  As avid gym-goers we take our health and fitness very seriously and once we realized that although we could spend hours in the gym what really makes the biggest difference in our bodies is what we put in into it. As Juan likes to say, “you are what you eat”. With this said we started trying to make more educated and healthier choices with our grocery shopping. Emilee quickly noticed how expensive it is to eat “clean”. Even then, we realized there was such a quality difference between grocery store-bought products labeled as “all natural,” “organic,” or “no hormones added” as opposed to when we purchased from local farmers. The locally raised birds tased so much better! While these labels are good, they may not be quite what we think they are at surface level. We believe consumers take too much stock on the “labels” and we don’t really understand what we are consuming. This quickly became our mission statement. We want to make sure any labels put on our products are held with the highest expectations. We can assure you; you won’t find a tastier bird as you will with us.

We also strive to provide a truly clean product to the consumer at a reasonable price. This means we don’t charge as much as we could for our products. We care more about providing it at a reasonable price so more people can eat better. 

We could feed a cheaper feed, still getting a good product, and make more money but we want an exceptional product and we aren’t willing to give that up.



These birds are our babies, we work hard to make sure they live happy lives! When we received our first chicks, we took our kids with us to the post office, and our middle child who was 4 at the time, was afraid they were scared. As soon as we put them in their new home he started singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, little star” to them. We have continued this tradition and every time we bring home our new chicks, we sing them a little song to let them know they are loved! We also love giving these guys some yummy treats! Their favorite is KALE with all the bugs on it they can have! We really believe that happy chickens is what makes our chicken taste so good. They are raised with love. We work hard to make sure we give you a bird that had a happy life. The kids will often read the chickens a story or blow them kisses from outside the tractors. We really are a family company and love that we get to add chickens to the family too!



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